Сумки от angry birds

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JS Surprise Toys

What fun surprise eggs... and the Minions Blind Bag was awesome... :- .

24.03.2017 - 08:33

Cool I liked

12.03.2017 - 04:38

liked :

23.02.2017 - 14:21

Awesome channel. I subbed. Pls sub back. Thanks :

21.02.2017 - 20:10

Awesome video. Thumbs up. Wow You got a lot of cool surprises especially the Minion whistle, pencil puppets, and stickers. The kitty tape measure, kowala bear and penguin from penguins of madagascar are very cute.

07.02.2017 - 16:28

Very nice video We really like it and hope to see more like it It looks so much fun We subscribed and liked your video Check out our channel and please subscribed as well

31.01.2017 - 14:38
AdsOnline All

great video Just subscribe for you Please subscribe for my channel Tks u very much

22.01.2017 - 01:03
Jolie And Toys

Awesome good job I'm enjoyed Thumbs up Thank for share ツ I'm subbed. Please subscribe me back~ let's be friends I have some cool toy videos Show less

29.12.2016 - 09:28

Very nice video Big Like

09.12.2016 - 09:52
Yummy KidzSong

Great video. Happy New Day beside loved ones 👍 ❤👌 ❤👌 ❤ 👍

09.11.2016 - 14:35

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